Live MY Life Well

How to be happy in life?

Embrace Change and
take advantage of the new opportunities
it brings...

“The only constant in life is Change…” – Sue Bergman


But sometimes it’s difficult to embrace it and see what new opportunities it has brought with it… Sometimes we just need some help to see those possibilities.


That’s where I come in… 

Are you at a Crossroad?


Unexpected Curveball

Sometimes life throws unexpected curve balls at us, major life changes that we were totally unprepared for — a change in career, the passing of a loved one… and we need a moment to reflect and reset so that we can move forward…


Major Life Change

Sometimes we’re coming up on a major life change… the children are growing up and getting ready to strike out on their own, retirement is looming… how to move forward from here? 


Tired of the
Status Quo

Sometimes we feel like we’re in a rut and need a change… but which way to go? What to do?

How I can help you be happier

One-on-One Counseling

Connect in person…

The only constant in life is Change...

Sue Bergman

About me

Certified Master NLP Practitioner in addition to having a host of tools and techniques...

Sue Bergman, Life Coach and creator of Live MY Life Well is committed to helping as many people as possible empower themselves to have clarity and move forward with confidence.
Sue’s mission is to help you Thrive!  That means no more confusion. Clarity about what YOU want moving forward. Feel more confident. Prioritize and make informed decisions and choices which support you living YOUR best life.
Remember change happens when you commit to honor yourself.

To Thriving!


If you’d like to get started right away… 

Get Crystal Clear so that You Know Where to Focus Your Time, Energy & Resources Moving Forward

Motivational Thoughts & Inspiration


Quotes intended to inspire and provoke contemplation

A safe place to vent without creating a tsunami of real-life consequences! Also, a form of active meditation.


Writing a Daily Journal is fun and also helps you to see the bigger picture

Happy Clients

Sue Bergman is a purpose driven practitioner, who helps you dig deep within yourself to find what is blocking you from moving forward in your life. Her focus was all about me, her client.

The questions that she asked, gave me clarity and awareness of where I wanted to go next in my life. She was dedicated to showing me a new way of being in this world by using the 6 Structures of Belief with The One Command.

If you want positive change in your life and are tired of doing the same old thing over and over again…then Sue is that person to support you in creating a new mindset that will Inspire you to live with passion, courage and confidence, because you deserve it!

Charli Douglas

Sue helps you get to the core of what is going on inside you and has a variety of ways to help you clear it.

A healer and practitioner who really knows what she's doing and, at the same time, meets you in the moment to make the session relevant for you.

She has an ability to really listen to what the other person is saying --- and not saying. No "cookie cutter" from Sue.

bonnie strehlow
Sue Bergman has incredible insight into human psyche.

She talks in a language that speaks simultaneously to one’s heart and mind, creating a powerful union and leaving no conflict between the two.

For anyone feeling stuck in a phase, or simply wanting more clarity, Sue can make a tremendous difference.

She does not lecture, judge, or preach; instead, she creates a safe connection, giving you space to reacquaint with your authentic self and find meaningful answers, making you confident to step forward and become the most empowered version of your self.

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